Seamless Surfaces provides high-quality floor, wall and joinery finishes to Sydney’s residential and commercial sectors. What makes our surfaces so unique is their versatility; we can apply our products internally and externally directly over a substrate of concrete, timber sheeting and even tiles to create a modern seamless finish. The hassle of removing and disposing of tiles is eliminated, not to mention the mess and costs involved.

Our Surfaces


X-Bond Seamless Stone

Remodel without removal with X-Bond Seamless Stone; A seamless stone overlay system that is hand trowelled over an existing substrate to produce either a polish concrete or an industrial concrete look. 

Quartz Carpet™

A resilient floor covering using coloured natural quartz. If you're after a durable and slip resistant floor Quartz Carpet may be what you have been looking for.


Pre-Stain is an environmentally safe water-based system that allows you to highligh the natural beauty of your concrete.

Crystal Glass

A translucent shimmering wall and joinery covering, Crystal Glass combines recycled glass and mirror fragments that have been coloured embracing the latest in light fastness technologies and coated with an epoxy resin.