X-Bond Mineral Finish creates a unique textured look as it is applied with a spray gun. While applying over an existing substrate, the first coat is a fine spray followed by a heavier splattered spray. Like all X-Bond finishes, the latex polymer feels warmer and quieter underfoot than tiles and traditional polished concrete. The applied depth of the surface is 3mm, then lightly sanded.


  • 400 Matt sealer for internal applications

  • Pavecoat Matt sealer for external applicatins


  • X-Bond Mineral Finish is a highly textured finish. Using more than one colour will result in the look of exposed aggregate.

Area of suitability

  • X-Bond Mineral Finish is suitable for applications requiring high slip resistance.

  • X-Bond Mineral Finish can be applied over internal and external existing substrates including concrete, tiles, cement sheeting and waterproofing membranes.

  • X-Bond Mineral is highly suitable for commercial or high traffic areas particularly walkways and ramping.

  • X-Bond Mineral Finish can also be used on internal & external walls to create a highly textured feature wall.



Standard X-Bond Mineral Finish Colour Range