Quartz Carpet is hand trowelled over any existing substrate including MDF, tiles, compressed sheeting and concrete. It is applied at approximately 5-7mm thick.

This finish is suited to a variety of internal and external spaces including commercial, residential, industrial, recreational and institutional.

Benefits of Quartz Carpet™

  • The visual appeal of a seamless surface

  • Durability and practicality in high traffic and commercial spaces

  • Anti Slip texture

  • Easy to maintain- stain resistant

  • External binder UV resistant

  • Colourfast Quartz

  • Water permeable

Stone sizes

Quartz stone sizes range from 0mm to 2-3mm.

Quartz carpet is also available in more than 4000 colour options for special orders.

Pore Fillers

Pore Fill is an epoxy resin that is applied over the Quartz Carpet to fill the spaces in between the quartz granules. This allows for a moppable and hygienic finish.

The Pore Filler is available in a Gloss and Matte finish.



Sizes & Colours

0 - 1.2MM & M3